About Our Companies

What is it we do, exactly?

Kennard Renovations is a full-service design + build residential remodeling company based in Charlotte, NC. For many Charlotte Area homeowners, we are pleased to be their “contractor for life.”

Our Team has over 100-years of experience in various trades. We are a collection of professionals with a primary goal to provide quality Home Solutions at affordable prices. Being a small company, we all understand how important it is to be prompt, courteous, be service minded, and warrant our work. The life blood of our company is referral business, so we definitely understand the value of each and every Customer.

Kennard Group, a Charlotte, NC based company is the parent company of Kennard Investments and Kennard Renovations. Kennard Group serves as a catylyst to bring these two companies together to provide the best solutions for consumers who care about homes and home upkeep. When Kennard Group began it set out with a vision to help clients all over the North Carolina region so that they would be able to to afford homes that had the highest quality fixtures and customization’s.
Because Kennard Renovations has the skills to repair and build homes that are of the highest quality, those who choose to rent or buy from Kennard Investments can rest assured in the home they are going to reside in.

To learn more about Kennard Investments visit the website at www.kennardinvestments.com

To learn more about Kennard Group visit the website at www.kennardgroup.com

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a wide range of Home Renovation and Repair Services without sacrificing quality, service, or integrity.